An ongoing collection of celebrity quotes.


“Universal forgiveness is an abomination worthy of crucifixion.”

- Pamela Anderson, Larry King Live August 22, 2005


“You can only have true contempt for something you once were.”
- Tom Cruise,  Parade Magazine, April 9, 2006


“Comfort is the enemy of biology.”

- Angelina Jolie, Reader’s Digest, June 2007


“All mountains are mothers - all towers are death”

- Sylvester Stallone, Playgirl, July 1981


“Justice is the reward of fools.”

- Ashton Kutcher, Entertainment Weekly, 2004


“To remain infuriated takes exceptional patience”
- Salma Hayek, Vogue, June, 2005


“Tragedy is terror masquerading as common misery.”

- Jessica Simpson, Glamour, June 2008


“We never truly value what we can own”

- Alyssa Milano, Stuff Magazine July, 1999


“Life is a war between the sensual and the efficient.”
- Justin Timberlake, Details, April 2007


“An idea can pollute the world faster than all the flush toilets in India.”
- Christina Ricci, Moviemaker Magazine, May, 2008


“We cannot protect what we find amusing.”

- Victoria Beckham, Elle, January 2008


“The end of sympathy will be celebrated with gunfire.”

- Beyoncé Knowles, People April 1, 2008


“The truth is whatever’s funniest”

- Mark Wahlburg, Sky Magazine, November 1993


“Butchering a civilization will be the last great work of art”

- Britney Spears, Esquire Magazine, February 18, 2007


“What is more precious and meaningless than our own final thought?"
- Jessica Alba, GQ June, 2007