The Miami Dentist

2011 . 8 minutes 40 seconds . HD Video

Why Miami? Why a dentist? Why anything?

The Uphill Descent

2008 . 4 minutes 15 seconds . Super 16mm and Digital Animation

A visual meditation on the natural cycle that leads the viewer through an underworld landscape and culminates in a violent, colorful rebirth.

Full Stop Hilltop

2007 . 11 minutes 6 seconds . Super 16mm

A man’s elliptical story of the places he’s seen, the people he’s been and the water he’s drank.


2005 . 6 minutes 15 seconds. 16mm

The life and times of an ordinary Norwegian ghost.


2004 . 9 minutes 11 seconds . archival footage

From our disaster proof Eastern cities, through vast, impenetrable grain fields, to the fortress shores of our Pacific coast – America is finally safe.

I Cannot Understand You

2004 . 5 minutes 44 seconds . 16mm

Don’t fear life’s misunderstandings - let a philosophical Tape Recorder guide you through a world of fireworks, flowers and thrill rides.

No Day No Night

2002 . 16 minutes 35 seconds . 35mm and 16mm

Perhaps you have become…unsure.  Life’s riot of sights and sounds are jumbled together like a film projected in one frame – an album played in one note. 

Fudgie & Jane

2002 . 27 minutes . 35mm

Co-written and Directed with Drew Martin, Co-Writer David Robertson

Find out what happens when a girl with everything on the line meets a whale with nothing to lose - a totally original modern comedy that's not like any whale-meets-girl story you've ever seen.

Focus Group

2004 . 29 minutes . digital video

There are no wrong answers. Written and directed by Doug Bost.

The Doctor Cares

2004 . 8 minutes. digital video

The Doctor Cares is an absurdist tale of Doctor Frank Fezic, who will do anything to get his patients the prescription drugs they need. Written by Victor Verhaeghe. Co-directed by David Baeumler and Doug Bost.