In Production . HD Animation

Irked, The Animated Series, pits two friends against The Collapse of the World… and they are pissed.

At it’s core is a buddy story between Albion and Syrup, as they fight their way through the storm of confusion and try to stop the cascading fracture, they know not how, for they have fallen into the spaces between       w o r d s .

There are many conflicts, unexpected events and creatures that emerge, which need to be puzzled out and often destroyed. Not everything is explained, or explainable. People who end up there tend to be somewhat jaded.

If Albion and Syrup don’t survive, Our World will collapse into Chaos triggering a new Dark Age. The recent troubles with the economy and the weather are nothing - just the beginning. Wish them luck, and don’t forget to ignore the fine print.


Christopher O'Neil– Writer, Animator, Sound Design
David Baeumler –Writer, Sound Design