Fudgie & Jane

2002 . 27 minutes . 35mm

Written and Directed by Drew Martin & David Baeumler, Co-Written by David Robertson

Find out what happens when a girl with everything on the line meets a whale with nothing to lose. Fudgie & Jane is a totally original modern romance that's somewhere between comedy and tragedy - beauty and science - uncertainty and a punch in the face. It's not like any whale-meets-girl story you've ever seen.


Jonathan Frappier – Fudgie
Olivia Griego – Jane
William Day (Talbott)- Steve
Dave Humeniuk - Carter
Lauren Taylor – Alex
David Freeman – Guy on the Radio
Camille Chambers – Janet
Linh Le – Margaret
Lamark Wright – Mark
Rob Priester – Alex’s Boyfriend
Cassandra Rachel – Woman in the Window
Zach Krauss – Kid with Grenade
Jeff Ligon – The Chicken
Delph - DJ


David Baeumler - Co-Writer, Co-Director, Co-Editor
Drew Martin - Co-Writer, Co-Director, Co- Editor
Kenneth Wilson II – Director of Photography
Charles Long – Producer
Jodi Schwartz - Producer
Music – Fred Story
Molly Black – Line Producer
Amy Diamond – Co-Producer
Kelly Beatty – Co-Producer
Jen DeMik – Co-Producer
David Robertson– co-writer
Glenn Abbey - Sound Mixer
Leigh Bragazza – Makeup / Wardrobe
Carla Hendrix – Assistant Makeup / Wardrobe
Gaffer – Ray Stilson
David Troutman – Key Grip
David Holt – Fudgie Costume Design
Mary Beth Thacker – Fudgie Costume Design
Tim Lindsay – First AC
Kelly C. Gallamore – Second AC
Laura Thompson – Second AC

Filmed on location in Raleigh, NC

FESTIVAL SCREENINGS (2003 unless noted)

Slamdunk (Winner Best Short Audience Award) – Park City, Utah
Carolina Film Festival (Winner Best Short, Best Cinematography) - Greensboro, NC
First Sundays Comedy Fest (Winner Best Short and Best of First Sundays) - New York, NY
Tallgrass Film Festival - Witchita, Kansas
River Run Film Festival– Winston-Salem, NC
Top 25 Shorts of 2003 - Film Threat Magazine

Indie Memphis Film Festival - Memphis, TN


Film Threat - March 25, 2003 - Doug Brunell
(review available on Filmthreat.com)
"Fudgie and Jane" plays like a Farside comic strip that has come to life. It's a romantic comedy that -- and I think I'm safe in saying this -- is the first to feature a guy in a whale suit trying to win the heart of a young woman. Fudgie (Jonathan Frappier) is the whale, and the object of his affection is Jane (Olivia Griego). Let's make a love connection.

Saying that this is the typical romantic comedy would be misleading. It is fairly typical, but the twists make it a joy to watch. And unlike many of these genre pictures, this one is actually funny. Of course, Fudgie gets the best lines (any guy who wears a whale suit for most of a movie's running time should get the choice lines), and it is his child-like view of the world that gives the film much of its charm. His relationship with Jane comes across as plausible, too, though it is a little strange. Just when you think you know what's coming next, you get something totally unexpected.

"Fudgie and Jane" is full of offbeat humor and likable characters. It's also the best picture of this sort I've seen this year, which raises the bar for any other romantic comedies that follow.