Focus Group

2004 . 29 minutes . Digital Video

Produced, written and directed by Doug Bost

In this dark comedy, Terry Kinney (Oz, Save the Last Dance) plays Bob Sadler, moderator of a very unusual market research group. The members of the group are strangers, brought together to answer confusing questions, drink watery beer, draw pictures and even play blindfold games, all for a mysterious client behind a two-way mirror. But why is Bob eliminating members of the group one by one? And who's really on the other side of that mirror?


Terry Kinney – Bob
Carolyn Baeumler– Sara
Bibb Bailey – Jo
Danton Stone - Len
Victor Verhaeghe - Matt
Jeff Ward - Morrie


Doug Bost– Scriptwriter, Producer, Director
David Baeumler – Camera, Audio, Editor
Christine Beardsell – Line Producer / Props
Jacob Rangel– Additional Camera & Audio

John Gutierrez - Additional Camera & Audio
Matt Gundy – Audio Post

Filmed on location in New York City


Sarasota Film Festival - Sarasota, FL
New York Short Film Festival - New York, NY
Spindletop Film Festival - Beaumont, TX – (2nd Place, Narrative Video)
Trenton Film Festival - Trenton, NJ
Lake County Film Festival - Chicago, IL
DUTV Indie Movie Mondays - Philadelphia, PA
Worldfest International Film Festival - Houston, TX – (Gold Remi Award, Comedy)
Harlem International Film Festival - New York, NY
Ellensburg Film Festival - Ellensburg, WA